Should You Paint Your Bongs?


The bongs you create as a new glass blower may be painted if you have a specific design in mind, but there is beauty in a pure piece of glass that you blew for a bong.

The clear glass that you sell to your customers may be admired quite a bit, but coloring your bongs may be more desirable. This article explains how you may color in your bongs properly.

#1: The Colors Must Make Sense

You are creating a fashion piece that people will want to look at, and you cannot use colors that are not matching. Matching colors make the bong more attractive, and you must ensure that you are happy with the color combinations before you let the bong dry. Every color you use must have a purpose, and your bongs will become contemporary art when colored correctly.

#2: There Is Value in Clear Glass

A clear glass bong will serve you quite well when you are not in the mood to use colors. The clear glass of the bong must be perfectly blown, and you must choose a thickness that is easy to look at. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a clear glass bong may commission one, or you may create a series of clear glass bongs that appeal to people with simpler tastes.

The bongs you create for sale must have colors that make sense to you. Your use of color will make the bongs easier to sell.