Who Needs To Purchase Your Blown Glass Bongs?


Blown glass bongs are the best-selling products in the industry today, and you may create bongs that casual tobacco smokers may use in their homes.

The bong is a beautiful implement that you may use as a decoration in your home, and the bong may have several arms that will help you smoke with a wide range of people. This article explains who is purchasing the bongs you will make.

    #1: The Bongs Are Personal Items

    Many of your customers will purchase personal bongs that they may use in their homes in solitude. The personal bong is much smaller than the large art pieces you may have built, and you must keep these bongs much smaller so that you can may sell them to people who want to use them alone.

    #2: Larger Bongs

    Google attēlu meklēšanas rezultāti_ https___upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_f_f2_Bong_pipe.jpg - Mozilla Firefox (Private Browsing) 2016-01-26 21.56.53The large bongs you create will be used by customers in their homes with several people at once. You must ensure that you are creating bongs that will serve two, three, four and more people at a time, and each bong must be created with arms that are easy to access without intruding on others.

    Each large bong you create must hold quite a lot of tobacco, and you may keep the bong on a shelf as a decoration when it is not in use. You are creating art that people may use, and you are carefully sitting on the line between being an artist and a utilitarian.